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We are professional to handle Wedding Events & Small Gathering Events.

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We select the chefs who have mastered your cuisines.

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We  provide you the best solution for Wedding, Cocktail, BBQ Night, Birthday, Small Gathering Event, Corporate Event, Ring Ceremony, Mehndi, Reception, Anniversary  or any Occasion you wish to host.

We are into Indian Regional Cuisine (Awadhi, Mughlai, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Chettinad, Bengali, Kashmiri etc.) and International Cuisine (Continental, Italian, Pan-Asian, Maxican, Lebanese, etc.)

We offer three different menu depending on your budget for small get-together. A. Ready to Go Menu :- (which is consist of 3-Starters, 1-Soup, 4- Salads, 1-Curd, 3-Main Course, 1-Lentil, 1-Rice, Breads and 3-Desserts) Tea, Coffee and Water B. Deluxe Menu:- (which is consist of 5-Starters, 1-Soup, 6- Salads, 1-Curd, 5-Main Course, 1-Lentil, 1-Rice, Breads and 4-Desserts) Tea, Coffee and Water C. Super Deluxe Menu:- (which is consist of 8-Starters, 2-Soup, 8- Salads, 1-Curd, 7-Main Course, 1-Lentil, 1-Rice, Breads, 1-Live Station, and 6-Desserts) Tea, Coffee and Water

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Our Menu

Wedding Menu

Wedding Menu is just a reflection of your image and your family, here you can find the best combination of different cuisines will let your guests to remember your event forever.

Personalized Menu

If you are not sure what menu you want, probably you can pick up from here, normally we will customize our menus around your vision and our expert will call you and finalize the menu.

South India Menu

If you are a South India Food Lover, here you can find all your dreamed delicious food prepared by our best south India cuisine chef.

Rajasthani Menu

Rajasthani cuisine is rich, colourful and unique just like its culture,here you can find the mouth-watering Rajasthani dishes you want.

Kashmiri Menu

Kashmiri cuisine is the cuisine of the Kashmir Valley of India. If you are a meat lover,here is your destination.

Hyderabadi Menu

Hyderabadi Biryani is one of the most popular dishes .We have the best chef to prepare you the memorial Biryani.

Bengali Menu

If you are a seafood lover, please come in. Our chef will prepare the fresh seafoods for you.

BBQ Menu

Do you want barbeque nation at home, we will deliver all fresh BBQ with our 5 star service at your door.

Happy Customers!

"I highly appreciated and recommend Country Flavours Catering Services. The catering provided by Country Flavours in one of my family function was superb, from food quality, food presentation, to personalize services by their team every things were perfect. Not forget to mention here they are quite affordable and value for money. I personally thanks to their team and management."

- Bablu Bhagat

"One of the most professional catering services available in the city. Mr. Vikash is most humble and fully committed professional. He is very responsive and available all the time. I have availed their services many times and all the time they have surprised with delicious food and professional services."

- Niraj Kumar

"A must contact catering service. It was a nice experience with Country Flavour. I had booked it for my brother marriage. Very nice service."

- Amit Sharma

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